Exterior Elegance: Choosing the Ideal Paint Colors for Curb Appeal

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People say not to judge a book by its cover; unfortunately, your home’s exterior façade can either make people admire your home or make them run. If you have not chosen the right colors for your home, it might look flashy or, worse, a perfect setting for a horror film. That is why if you are looking forward to seeing the potential of your home, it is best to inquire from the experts of exterior painting in Sarasota, FL

To have a heads-up about how your chosen excerpts do their job in turning your home into an elegant exterior façade, here is what you should know:

Intricate Paint Details 

If you are one of those who own a Victorian home, having intricate paint details will boost its highly distinctive features. Your color expert can use a combination of at least three colors to emphasize and boost its already intricate designs. Some popular eye-catching colors include blue, green, red, pink, purple, and yellow.

Natural Paint Colors

If you happen to own a cottage-style house, you can still bring out its best aesthetic appeal by choosing inspiration from nature per se. The surrounding landscape of your home can create an amazing blend with it if you choose the right color palette. There can be an additional charm if you have a beautiful garden with blooming flowers and vines that can help you opt for the best color combinations.

Earthly Tones

Earthly tones are best if you have a craftsman-style home. These timeless tones can make your house stand out by choosing harmonized and balanced colors such as green with cream trims on your wooden window frames and doors.  

Tudor Color Accents

You can also have another option if you have a classic brick home. You can draw inspiration from the Tudor era, which is famous for its accurate ivory stuccos and deep brown frames that accentuate perfectly with your red, brief home façade.

Mediterranean Colors

If you want a Mediterranean feel with the elegance and warmth of color combinations in Sarasota, interior painting services are available to make your dream home exterior come true. Picking shades such as blue, green, and brown paired with other colors like gold, tan, and coral on your home’s trims and shutters can create another level of welcoming combo.

Rustic and Dark Shades

Not everyone can appreciate warmer colors. If you are among those who are fond of the darker shades, you can opt for something rusty paired with white for a contrasting effect. To achieve this, you can mix earthly shades with rusty accents and another dark color for detail and emphasis. 

Blue House

If you have a Georgian home, choosing blue as the primary color for your exterior can boost its appeal. If paired right with white on your house’s trims and doors, this contrasting effect can be aesthetically pleasing and balanced, which can give your home a strong presence and an inviting impression.


To choose the right color palette for your home’s overall exterior painting in Sarasota, FL, and avoid colors that can make your home look haunted, it is best to consult with the professional painter at JC Painting and Refinishing. Our painters, with renowned skills in the field, can add the elegance and aesthetics your home rightfully deserves. Reach out at 941-893-0891 for more inquiries.

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