Paint Color Trends to Choose from for Aesthetic Household

paint colors schemes

The colors now trending for painting homes are creatively named, far from the conventional ROYGBIV. In case you were absent when the acronym was discussed back in school, that stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. You need to figure out which is best for outside the house and which is good inside. 

Let’s go back to those creative names of the colors that have been identified as becoming increasingly popular these days. We’ll touch on them and kick off a new era of cool and vibrant tones as we start 2023. I’m of the opinion that experts on Sarasota residential painting will agree.

4 Exterior Paint Colors

    1. Off-White or Cream
      Instead of the usual glaring white, the subdued variant is becoming more fashionable. There’s what they call “shaded white”, which has a gentle green hue. Another shade is “white dove”, which provides a softer and creamier version of the color.
    2. Dusty Charcoal
      Various blends of gray are fast becoming standout colors for the outer walls. An overall coat of charcoal for the façade of a home will go well with the surrounding greenery. For the more daring, a darker tone of gray that’s juxtaposed with beige doors and window frames will surely be a fun experiment in contrasts.
    3. Forest Green
      Rich green shades have been the go-to for house renovations for many years now. They have a greater impact in a colorful garden setting. Different tones of green and gray, whether intense or bland, will always match. Muddy green is another descriptive name used for the color one can use on the wall outside.
    4. Classic Navy
      Blue, as in the color of the ocean, is what’s represented by the word “navy.” It’s a widely used choice as the exterior shade of many houses. The preference is usually one that’s dull – not neon blue, not evergreen. This is another favorite among the choices that homeowners go for.

4 Interior Paint Colors

    1. All Types of Brown
      Brown makes people feel its warmth and energy. From beige to a darker shade, it allows you to grasp its earthy feel. Brown brings to mind the natural environment. One can understand what colors are right for the home by asking Sarasota interior painting services. The experts can give sound advice.
    2. Vibrant Reds & Oranges
      Paint experts are now advising a change from muted colors to something more dramatic in 2023. They’re favoring bolder hues to take center stage and have expressed their desire to retire those that have been accepted as time-tested.
    3. Everything Greens
      Green still rules as one of the top paint choices. Midtones and other shades of this color possess the ability to make a person feel nature in general and the forest in particular. The emotions evoked by green are serenity and warmth. It can even be paired with other contrasting but natural colors like yellow, orange, and red.
    4. Ultramarine Blues
      Considered the most exquisite shade of the color blue, it’s invigorating and vivid. If you want to bring life into the atmosphere of your home, ultramarine blue will do the trick. It’s now becoming increasingly popular among interior designers. This is not for those who are more inclined to the classic, though.

It’s All Up to You!

If there’s anything more subjective when it comes to choosing a particular look for your home, it’s deciding on the colors you want for it, whether inside or outside. If one’s to opt for which colors the different parts of the house must be painted with, trends should really play second fiddle to what’ll make the homeowner happy.

The best thing to do would be to sit down with a painting and refinishing expert on the matter. You’ll need the input of somebody known for it, especially when you’re talking about Sarasota residential painting. Browse through our website now for more information or call 941-893-0891.

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