Why is Proper Surface Preparation Important in Painting and Refinishing?

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A clean, even surface before painting plays a critical role in the overall appearance of your walls. As we all don’t want any imperfections that are sometimes irritating to look at, it is necessary to first do some fixing before proceeding with your Sarasota painting. There are relevant things you should consider in proper preparation before applying the final touches.


Painting Preparations

  1. Cite the Imperfections and Prepare the Necessary Action

There are two imperfections our eyes usually spot on a wall. And having these can ruin your ideal wall big time. 

  • Cracks and Unevenness

A “map” made of “cracks” is sometimes unavoidable as every wall is prone to these imperfections. As they usually ruin a supposedly- beautiful newly-painted surface, the best remedy to disguise the ‘imperfection’ is to apply a joint compound to fill in the cracks and place tape on top of it. Repeat until they are covered. Even out the surface with a plastering tool or sand it down until the desired smooth result is visible.

  • Dust and Dirt

The first thing to remove from the wall before priming or painting is to clean the dirt off the surface. As accumulated dirt left for some time destroys the strength of the paint, it will make it look dull and uninviting. Dirty surfaces result in the chipping or wearing of the painting from the surface or might even cause moisture that destroys both walls and paint.

Always choose a mild cleaning agent to remove dust or dirt. Chemically-strong agents might result in the crumbling or corrosion of wall surfaces.

  1. Priming

If you have observed, even aesthetic painters choose their base paint color. Like painting surfaces and walls, priming should come first. Priming prevents the paint from peeling off and acts as a bonding agent between the wall and the new paint. Priming is done before painting to ensure resistance and quality, making it last longer. And applying another 2–3 coats of primer strengthens the bond even more. Another purpose of using multiple coats of primer is to cover the result of the recently covered cracks. The shades of the joint compound and the wall are different. Using a primer will disguise the tones well.

Here are things you should prepare before priming:

  1. Move out furniture to avoid damage and to ensure mobility in the space. You surely don’t want things getting splashes of paint.
  2. Prepare rags and use them to cover the floor or any close heavy furniture unable to be moved out of the space. 
  3. Make sure that you are wearing the necessary tools and equipment for safety purposes. 
  4. Thoroughly inspect any cracks or irregularities. Remove or clean the dirt. 
  5. Sand down the walls smoothly.
  6. Apply the first primer and let dry. Repeat the process until the primer sets dry.
  7. And now you are all ready for your Sarasota painting!

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